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Why Wrapping?

When comparing wrap vs paint, the main point of using vinyl to change your car’s appearance is that it’s reversible. Meaning, if you change your mind, or need to return the car to stock to sell it, you can always revert back to the original state. But when your paint is bad, you really don’t have a good base to apply the wrap to. It cheaper than paint and give more attractive looks. Wrapping a car will allow you to change the car’s appearance while keeping the original paint intact, resulting in a higher resale value. The durability of a paint job will depend on the quality of paint used. Lower-end paint jobs will last a couple of years. On the other hand, a car wrap will last anywhere between 2 and 10 years. This depends on location of the wrap (horizontal or vertical) as well as color used. You should also keep in mind that paint can be damaged by UV rays, scratching, and other hazards.


Vwrap is a indian startup. The company works in car and bike wrapping field. The position we gained since last 6 years.

Our work is our advertisement and we always try to makes yours wraps better then the rest.



Our dream is to make Vwrap a brand of india.

We want to build a team that is fully dedicated to wrapping.

"you don't choose your passion,your passions choose you,

it is important to remember,there are not overnight successes.

you will need to be dedicated,

single-minded,and there is no substitute for hard work.

Why Vwraps?

Top 6 reason why Vwraps is best.

1 Our work is our passion.
2 Provides satisfication with finishing.
3 We create desing that match your imagination.
4 Works with profession.
5 customer relation is our first priority.
6 Peoples satisfication.


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